Meet Georgia, our head roaster at our Melbourne HQ. We recently caught her on a break from the daily grind to chat about work and also not work.

Georgia ensures our coffee tastes top-notch day in, day out, by roasting it to perfection and keeping on top of a little thing we like to call, quality control. She’s our resident ray of sunshine, always brightening the team’s day. Especially when she brings in her Chihuahua, Patsy, or as she likes to call her, the little rat.

Q: Hey Georgia, can you walk us through a typical day in your role at Coffee Supreme?
A: Like most people, I like to start my day with a coffee — so I tend to start my day qc-ing (quality control)/tasting coffee we’ve roasted the days before while the roaster warms up. Once I’ve tasted the coffee, I can start the day with an insight into how our roast profiles are working and if we need to make any adjustments. After this, we’ll get all of the production roasting done for the day. Once production has wrapped up, we spend our time restocking our green coffee, getting through any cleaning and roaster maintenance tasks, and more qc-ing.

Q: What are you drinking at the moment?
A: Kenya Weithaga. It’s so floral, juicy and tastes amazing through a V60.

Q: Describe your ideal coffee ritual — how do you like to enjoy your cup of coffee?
A: A V60 at home, sipped on the couch in the sun with my dogs.

Q: Where is your favourite spot to have a coffee in Melbourne?
A: I can’t go past an oat flat white and vegan chop cheese from Kelso’s.

Q:Who are you playing on repeat currently?
A: Dolly Parton (always).

Q: And lastly, if you could switch roles with anyone at Coffee Supreme for a day, who would it be and why?
A: I would switch with an account manager for a day and get out on the road to taste the coffee I’ve roasted out in the wild and connect with all of the lovely people brewing it.

Thanks for the chat G. We raise our mug to you for making Supreme taste so darn good.


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