It’s no secret that good coffee and good music go hand in hand. We think coffee forms the basis of all good creative, work and recording sessions. It’s the foundation that cafes are built on, and our lives are enriched by.

Soul vocalist and songwriter, Wallace, recently visited the Live from Happy studio to perform her new single, Orchid Care. While there, she also sat down for Happy Media’s newest series (sponsored by yours truly), One More Cup of Coffee. Before you dive into those, we were lucky enough to nab her for a quick chat too. Read on to hear more about how Wallace spends her days, what her favourite coffee is and what else is on the cards this year.

Q. Hey Wallace, tell us a bit about yourself. We know you have the voice of an angel, how else do you spend your days?
Thanks so much! Shucks :). When I’m not singing I’m usually bingeing a TV show or podcast while doing freelance graphic design work. I also try and do a few dance classes a week and have dusted off my roller skates recently.

Q. Your new single, Orchid Care, is a hit around the roastery. How did it come to be?
I am a terrible plant mother. Even a grim London lockdown didn’t unearth a maternal instinct in me. The moral of the story is, although I LOVE orchids, I should never be put in charge of the well-being of one and as it inevitably dies I’ll feel guilty and miss the person that gave it to me even more. This song’s all about two people in love with terrible timing.

Q. What’s your coffee setup at home?
I’m usually a V60 girl at home although I’ve worked in cafes for years and usually rock a piccolo in the morning.

Q. Got a favourite Supreme coffee?
I had the Big Joe Filter Blend the other day, was so good. I’m slowly working my way through them now that I’m back in Wellington.

Q. Smooth or crunchy?
Crunchy ALL DAY.

Q. Fave snack in Sydney?
Gotta be Emma’s Snack Bar in Enmore. Used to live around the corner, which was dangerous. I’ve eaten many Moorish Chicken.

Q. Dream with us, you’ve got tickets to your allstar gig, who are the three headlining acts? Dead or alive.
Prince, Little Dragon and Beyonce.

Q. What’s in the pipeline for you this year?
I’m releasing my debut album Wallace + Other Colours on the 10th of August! I’ll be celebrating with a gig on the 26th at Meow in Wellington and the 27th at Tuning Fork in Auckland. If you live in New Zealand, I’d love to see you there. I also haven’t ruled out making a sneaky trip back to Sydney as well, stay tuned. 


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