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Big Joe Filter Blend

Stewed Peach & Caramel | Smooth & Syrupy

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Suitable For

Chemex, Cone Filter, Aeropress, Gold Filter, Filter Machine

About this Coffee

Everyone loves Big Joe, they’re always up for a good time. Comprising two delicious single-origins: Ecuador and Guatemala, Big Joe is for easy drinking, all year-round.

Big Joe, just like the name suggests, is big in flavour. This filter blend is syrupy smooth, with a mix of stewed stone fruits and citrus peel flavours. It’s then rounded out by a warming chocolate and caramel finish. Big Joe is friends with nearly everyone too, but gets along best with your plunger, Chemex, AeroPress, Moccamaster and cone filter, but probably not your espresso machine.

Download your print-ready Big Joe Filter Blend tasting card here.

Tasting Notes

Stewed Stone Fruit & Green Apple
Soft Citrus
Chocolate & Caramel

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