It’s no secret that good coffee and good music go hand in hand. We think coffee forms the basis of all good creative, work and recording sessions. It’s the foundation that cafes are built on, and our lives are enriched by.

Sydney musician, Butter Bath (aka Toby Anagnostis), recently visited the Live from Happy studio to perform his recent banger, You and Me. While there, he also sat down for Happy Media’s newest series (sponsored by yours truly), One More Cup of Coffee. Before you dive into those, we were lucky enough to nab Toby for a quick chat too. Read on to hear more about what Toby gets up to in his spare time, his favourite Supreme cuppa and what else is on the cards this year.

Q. Hey Toby, tell us a bit about yourself. How do you spend your days when you’re not busy in the studio?
I love spending time in the garden, although you wouldn’t know it based on the way it looks. I spend a lot of time and money on my little veggie patch and it yields 6 or 7 tomatoes a year and enough spinach for about 1 wrap. It kind of works out okay because nothing ever goes right for me in the garden so there are always tasks to be done and it can absorb as much time as I have to spend on it. I also love going camping. My ideal weekend would look like wrangling all of my friends and going camping in the Blue Mountains or on the south coast.

Q. Your latest EP, Kurrajong Hotel, is a hit around here. How did it come to be?
Glad you guys like it! I had a lot of ideas for Kurrajong Hotel when I was in lockdown. Fortunately, I had a home studio set up at the time so I could still make music. I started writing about some memories from my childhood and adolescence. It became a great way to pass the time and escape from the monotony of life in lockdown, and by the end, I had an EP.

Q. What’s your coffee setup at home?
I have an old rattly espresso machine that gets a workout each day. On the odd occasion that the machine goes on strike, I love an Aeropress or percolator coffee.

Q. Got a favourite Supreme coffee?
Supreme Blend is my fav at the moment.

Q. Smooth or crunchy?
Always crunchy. Never smooth.

Q. Top 3 places to eat in Sydney?
Apollo near Kings Cross makes the most delicious Greek food I’ve ever had (sorry Pappou). When I first moved to Sydney, I went to a Brazilian place called Bronte Belo and had the moqueca which really blew my mind. My favourite place to eat after a gig or a night out is the People Burger. It’s a little trailer parked in a service station in Marrickville and it’s very yum.

Q. Dream with us, you’ve got tickets to your allstar gig, who are the three headlining acts? Dead or alive.
1. The War on Drugs - opener
2. Bon Iver - main support
3. Frank Ocean - headline

Q. What’s in the pipeline for you this year?
I’m currently in the UK playing a few shows and writing. When I get back I’m moving into a new studio in Glebe and plan on finishing up the next lot of Butter Bath tracks and working with a bunch of other artists in Sydney.

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