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Supreme Blend

Milk Chocolate & Citrus | Sweet & Rich

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Suitable For

Espresso, Stovetop, Plunger

About this Coffee

Our signature blend, medium espresso roasted.

Supreme is our signature espresso blend enjoyed all across Australia. This coffee is our most complex in terms of blend makeup and contains a range of origins, varietals, and processing methods. Supreme displays a full-bodied richness, a crisp, cradling acidity, and lingering cocoa finish. The blend is based around a combination of Central American coffees which provide the core flavour elements and refined acidity. To this, we add from a seasonal selection of coffees to keep Supreme tasting great year-round.

Supreme Blend currently features a limited edition label to celebrate 20 years of roasting for Australia.

Download your print-ready Supreme Blend tasting card here.

Tasting Notes

Sweet Marzipan
Crisp & Clean
Rich & Creamy
Caramelised Sweetness

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