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Colombia La Esperanza

Plum & Chocolate | Smooth & Sweet

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Espresso, Stovetop, Plunger

About this Coffee

Grown in Colombia’s Tolima region by Andrés Trujillo, who is known for exclusively producing naturally processed coffees. Naturals in Colombia are relatively difficult to process due to the climate, which leads to a big risk, but you could say, Andrés’ quite the natural at it. As to be expected from naturally processed coffees, La Esperanza is fruity, lively and a little wild. Expect a bold cup bursting with notes of plum and chocolate.

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Producer:Andrés Trujillo
Region:Planadas, Tolima
Altitude:1900 masl

Tasting Notes

Tropical, Plum, Winey
Soft Winey
Long Chocolate Finish

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