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Colombia Decaf Filter

Orange & Carob | Sweet & Syrupy

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Chemex, Cone Filter, Aeropress, Gold Filter, Filter Machine

About this Coffee

Decaf isn't a dirty word here at Supreme. If you ever doubted it, we encourage you to give it a whirl. Coffee can be decaffeinated in multiple ways and this one is an especially delicious process. The caffeine is extracted from the coffee using a natural by-product of sugar cane and water. This avoids excessive temperatures seen in other decaffeination processes and leaves an enhanced sweetness. The resulting coffee is not only 97% caffeine-free but also fruity, juicy and delicious. Smooth chocolate and berry flavours meet a balanced citrus acidity with not even a hint of “decafyness”. Perfect for filter, this decaf has a smooth body and a sweet cherry finish.

Download your print-ready Colombia Popayan Decaf tasting card here.

Producer:Colombia Popayan
Processing:Washed — Decaffeinated
Altitude:1700 - 2000masl

Tasting Notes

Flourless Orange Cake
Brown Sugar

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