Cold brew — your best mate on a scorcher of a day. We asked Dani at Coffee Supreme Abbotsford, to share her Holiday cold brew recipe with us. It’s easy and it’s delicious.

What you need
- Your favourite coffee beans. We recommend Holiday Blend.
- A vessel. Could be a beautiful Hario cold brewer, could be your trusty French Press, could be a Pyrex.
- A filter of some sort. You’ll need to separate the coffee grinds from the brew after extraction and before consumption. No one literally wants to eat coffee for breakfast...
- Water - tap water is absolutely fine. But, if you’re feeling fancy, bottled distilled water.
- Optional, a grinder. We’re after a coarser grind, filter to plunger grind (think rock salt).

The ratio
1:15 for ready-to-drink cold brew
That’s 67g of coffee to 1 litre of water
If you’re after something punchier, try 1:12 or 1:10.

If you’re wanting to make more of a concentrate you could make a 1:5 brew, 200g coffee to 1 litre water. It's great for things like espresso martinis (are we still drinking those?) at the beach when the Linea Mini had to stay home.

Place the ground coffee in your vessel, pour in all of the cold water; covering the grinds evenly. If you’ve got a bit of extra time up your sleeves, you can pop in a dash (50g) of boiling water to “bloom” the coffee. This brings out some flavour notes that only release from hot extraction.

Get in there with a spoon and agitate those grinds, making sure they are fully saturated.

Leave to extract at room temp for 12-24 hours. Then, remove your coffee grinds and pop it in the fridge to chill or serve with ice immediately. Cold brew will happily sit in your fridge for 5 days, but I doubt it’ll last that long.

If you’re tight on time or always have a cup or two left, here’s another method: brew your coffee however you normally make it and pop it in the fridge. Works a treat.


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