It’s hard to believe that this time twenty years ago, two of the Supreme team in New Zealand, were packing their bags and getting a 12kg Probat roaster ready to travel the Tasman. After a trip to Melbourne to watch the Grand Prix, the idea of relocating there to begin a coffee business struck a couple of the team, so it was decided: Melbourne would be our next stop. We set up shop in a forgotten corner of Cremorne, roasting from a footstool and hitting the streets with not much more than some beans and a box of t-shirts in hand. 

Quite unlike today, Melbourne didn’t boast the most advanced local coffee scene. Luckily, we did attract a few early adopters, and, even more, fortunately, some of them went on to be quite influential in developing the specialty-focused scene that Melbourne enjoys today. Since 2002, we’ve grown considerably in both volume and influence, having expanded into Brisbane and Sydney too.

Over the past 20 odd years, a lot has changed, but also, a lot hasn’t. We’re still proudly independently owned and we’re still sourcing and roasting delicious coffee. What has changed is that we now work alongside a whole raft of small business owners across the country who see the value of coffee in their business. We think it’s pretty special that Supreme’s life started in a cafe, and now, two decades on, our core business is supporting them. We’re not going to get too gushy, but we want to thank you for choosing us, we really appreciate your support and, honestly, we wouldn’t be here without you.

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