Born in 2019, Tokyo Lamington is the lovechild of Min Chai and Eddie Stewart. The creative duo boast impressive resumes, with Min having a former stint at N2 Extreme Gelato, and Eddie at Black Star Pastry. Located in the heart of Sydney’s Newtown, Tokyo Lamington is a lamington bar by day, and standing bar by night. With flavours on show like yuzu-meringue and pine lime, Tokyo Lamington takes a playful spin on the humble Aussie cake. If classic is more your thing, they’ve got their take on the OG-style lamington too. Our favourite? Has to be the tiramisu.

Tokyo Lamington caught our eye when we opened our new Sydney cafe, Coffee Supreme Brookvale earlier this year, so it was only a matter of time before we added them to our daily offering. We’re proud to be a Tokyo Lamington stockist, and we couldn’t wait to sit down with Eddie to hear more about them.

Q. Hey Eddie, your lamingtons are not only super tasty, they look so good. Tell us a bit about how Tokyo Lamington came to be.
Tokyo Lamington was actually born in Tokyo, hence the name. It all started back in 2018 when we opened N2 Brunch Club in Nihombashi. Lamington’s outgrew the cafe and we thought heck let’s open a lamington store, though these plans got delayed due to Covid and we settled for Newtown! We are coming for you soon. Tokyo!

Q. Your name makes total sense. Were there any other front runners?
Next in line was Sydney Lamington, but I think this made too much sense. We were in Tokyo selling lamingtons and this is what we stuck with.

Q. You’ve got some tasty flavours, how do you come up with them?
A lot of the flavours we come up with are from memories of childhood or of our extensive travels throughout south east Asia, of course we have our regulars which will never come off the menu other wise there will be riots down Australia Street. The flavours are a team effort, as we have team members from all corners of the world.

Q. What’s your coffee set-up at home like?
Super basic! I have a 1.5 year old at home and now coffee is always a rush to get made before she wakes up! So now for convenience, Coffee Supreme Instant or a v60. If I have more time will crack out the 9barista.

Q. Do you have a favourite Supreme coffee?
Has to be Holiday Blend. 

Q. Smooth or crunchy?
Crunchy of course, even better with a ripe banana between sliced bread.

Q. What’s your favourite snack in Sydney?
Hong ha pork roll in Mascot.

Q. What’s next for Tokyo Lamington?
We want to start to expand to do interstate, we have a few plans up our sleeve, Melbourne we have eyes on you.

Q. If Tokyo Lamington were a car, what would it be?
A Nissan Cube car, square and cute and so sugoi. Just like a lamington. We need a fleet of these for delivery!

Visit Tokyo Lamington at 277 Australia Street, Newtown, seven days a week. Or find them on the menu at Coffee Supreme Brookvale, 11 Mitchell Road, Brookvale.

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