Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme x Maruhiro Hasami Block Mug Tall

Made in Japan

Reminiscent of roadside diner tableware of the 1950's and 60's America, Maruhiro Hasami’s pieces not only carry a touch of beautiful Japanese design, they are also functional, easy to clean, and can handle all the stresses of everyday use. The block mug allows for plenty of mixing and matching, making the design both practical and fun.

We love a good stacker mug (if it wasn’t already obvious), so the Maruhiro Hasami Block Mug was a natural fit for our ever-growing collection. Well suited to long black and espresso drinkers, or those who like a little less.

Featuring the Coffee Supreme logo on one side and our block out on the other. Available in red or cream. Stack with the Coffee Supreme x Maruhiro Hasami Block Mug Short.

Dimensions: 85 x 95mm / 300ml

Made by Koushungama, Taichigama in Hasami, Japan.

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Total: $55.00