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Holiday Espresso Blend

Chocolate & Cherries | Juicy & Sweet

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Espresso, Plunger, Stovetop

About this Coffee

Nestled amidst the aromatic hills, we invite you to step into the world of Coffee Supreme Resort, where the sun is always shining, Piña Coladas flow endlessly and a sun lounge by the pool awaits, just for you. Let your imagination run free, escape the daily grind and embrace the extraordinary whimsy of life that’s Holiday Blend.

Comprising three delicious coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil and Rwanda, Holiday Blend is crafted to bring that timeless resort feeling to your cup — It's more than just coffee; it's an escape to paradise. This sunkissed, clear-sky coffee will take you where you need to go. Overflowing with festive flavours of luscious milk chocolate and succulent cherries, Holiday Blend is a one-way ticket to a destination where the breeze is forever salty while guaranteeing an unforgettable, everlasting finish. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy your Holiday.

Download your print-ready Holiday Blend tasting card here.

Tasting Notes

Salty sea breeze
The season's first dip
Sunscreened & tanned

Espresso Recipe

Brew time:
40g ± 2g

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