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Rwanda Kabyiniro

Stone Fruit & Red Apple | Crisp & Juicy

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About this Coffee

Hailing from Rwanda’s Ngororero District, Kabyiniro experiences a tropical climate with high rainfall, which is favourable for producing high-quality coffee.

All of the coffee produced in the Ngororero District is purchased directly from the producers by Tropic Coffee, a family-owned cooperative, who are known to always put the farmers first. Tropic Coffee have established three washing stations in different regions of Rwanda, for which the growers are super grateful. Before these washing stations, growers had to travel much further to deliver their cherries and for a smaller profit.

If bright and juicy coffees are your pick of the bunch, Rwanda Kabyiniro is for you. Expect lively notes of stone fruit and sweet red apple, followed by a crisp acidity and sweet, smooth finish.

Download your print-ready Rwanda Kabyniro tasting card here.

Producer:Smallholder Farmers
Region:Ngororero District, Western Province
Altitude:1,700 - 1,950masl

Tasting Notes

Baking Spices
Juicy & Full
Long & Sweet

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