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Rwanda Gisheke

Sultanas & Caramel | Sweet & Juicy

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About this Coffee

Rwanda Gisheke is produced on the slopes surrounding the beautiful Lake Kivu, which plays a key role in the production of this coffee. Lake Kivu is responsible for the nutrient-rich soil in the area and also contributes to the cool and steady climate of the region. This controlled climate is ideal for the slow ripening of coffee cherries, leading to denser beans and a sweeter, more complex cup profile. The coffees grown here are harvested and processed with meticulous care, making for a delicious drop. Enjoy a juicy cup boasting flavours of sweet sultanas and caramel rounded off with a brown sugar finish.

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Producer:Emmanuel Tuyizere
Region:Nyamasheke District
Varietal:Red Bourbon
Altitude:1,650 - 1,850 masl

Tasting Notes

Brown Sugar

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