Coffee Supreme AU

Muesli Breakfast Bundle

Bundle up and save

We're pretty big on breakfast around here, and one of our favourite ways to start the day is with a full cuppa and a bowl of muesli from Zeally Bay.

We reckon you'd love to eat this for breakfast too. So we've made it easy and paired it with a bag of our coffee — pick from either out Supreme Blend or Big Joe Filter Blend. We've also included a carton of Minor Figures Oat M*lk — which we reckon is the best alternative m*lk on the market.

More of a granola kind of person? We've got you covered here.

Bundle includes:
250g Supreme Blend orBig Joe Filter Blend
500g Zeally Bay Certified Organic Muesli
Minor Figures Oat M*lk

Select Preference:
Total: $30.00