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Ethiopia Instant Jar

The next best thing in a jar

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Product Information

Introducing Coffee Supreme Instant: the best coffee when you can't have the best coffee.

Instant coffee is a Kiwi invention, first patented by D. Strang of Invercargill, 1890. It has been a staple of backcountry huts, rural tea rooms, thermos jugs and Arcoroc mugs since ages ago. Coffee Supreme Instant adds a chapter to that story, allowing you to have the best coffee experience in those far-to-reach places where you couldn’t before.

For our Instant in a jar, we’ve sourced a delicious coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia. This coffee is loaded with flavours of apricot, cocoa and brown spice. Coffee Supreme Instant is 100% coffee. No additives, no fillers, like the others. We take the same quality coffee, we roast it, brew it and freeze dry it. Instant coffee with traceability, who would’ve thought?

To brew: add 3g to 200ml of water and/or milk (hot or cold).

20 serves per 60g jar.