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Ethiopia Chelbesa

Apricot & Lemon | Sweet & Juicy

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About this Coffee

Hailing from the largest growing area of Gedeb, Chelbesa ticks all of the requisite boxes to be another stunningly elegant Ethiopian coffee. The Chelbesa Mill buys cherries from around 170 different farmers all located so close to the mill that the coffee arrives for sorting and processing in less than forty minutes. This short journey ensures there’s always an abundance of high-quality fresh cherries to work with. The quality is evident in the result, enjoy generous floral aromas, complemented by sweet, ripe flavours of apricot and lemon. Enjoyed either hot or cold, Chelbesa makes for a refreshing coffee to bring in the summer.

Download your print-ready Ethiopia Chelbesa tasting card here.

Producer:Smallholder Farmers
Region:Gedeb, Sidama
Varietal:Ethiopia Heirloom
Altitude:1950 - 2100 masl 

Tasting Notes

Milk Chocolate

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