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Ethiopia Buku Sayisa

Apricot & Bergamot | Floral & Creamy

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About this Coffee

Up in the beautiful highlands of Southern Ethiopia, you’ll find Buku Sayisa, one of the highest elevated growing areas in the Hambela Wamena region. You may be able to tell, we’re big fans of Buku Sayisa, with this being our second coffee sourced from the farm this year. The farm plots are scattered and the terrain is uneven, so the farmers deliver the cherry on horseback. With such a high altitude, this naturally processed coffee has had a long and slow fermentation resulting in a wild and vibrant flavour profile. Enjoy notes of apricot, bergamot and raspberry with citric acidity and a milk chocolate finish.

Download your print-ready Ethiopia Buku Sayisa tasting card here.

Producer:Smallholder Farmers
Region:Hambela Wamena, Guji
Varietal:Ethiopia Heirloom
Altitude:2350 masl 

Tasting Notes

Milk Chocolate

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