Coffee Supreme

Double Supreme Filter Blend

Apple & Peach | Bright & Sweet

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Suitable For

Chemex, Cone Filter, Aeropress, Gold Filter, Filter Machine

About this Coffee

When all hope was lost, two unexpected allies from opposite sides of the country join forces in this spring's most anticipated collaboration.

Taking reference from 90’s action flicks, ‘Double Supreme’ is a high-octane alliance by Coffee Supreme and Perth-based roaster, DoubleDouble.

Combining DoubleDouble’s Kenyan with a Guatemalan chosen by yours truly, critics are hailing this as one for the ages. An anonymous source has described this as "a tasty, unexpected gem. I would never have thought to put these two in a room together".

Around for a good time, not a long time, Double Supreme is a light blend, roasted for all filter methods. Enjoy notes of macerated peach with an apple-like acidity and clean finish.

Tasting Notes

Stone Fruit
Red Apple

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