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Colombia La Morelia

Marmalade & Toffee | Sweet & Velvety

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Espresso, Stovetop, Plunger

About this Coffee

Hailing from the Huila region of Colombia, La Morelia is proudly produced by the Walles family — there’s a total of 11 siblings who all live and work on the family farm. The Walles family’s continued hard work and dedication to producing excellent specialty coffee is proven in this espresso.

We’re enjoying marmalade jam and toffee flavours, a velvety body and lingering sugary sweetness. When brewed black, its citrus notes steal the show, whilst the creamy chocolatey flavours sing through milk.

Download your print-ready Colombia La Morelia card here.

Producer:Miller Walles Cruz
Processing:Semi Washed
Altitude:1700 masl

Tasting Notes

Marmalade Jam
Citrus Fruits
Sweet and Juicy

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