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Colombia El Mesón

Cherry & Milk Chocolate | Sweet & Creamy

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Suitable For

Espresso, Stovetop, Plunger

About this Coffee

Luz Divia Fierro and her family moved to Colombia’s Huila region a little over five years ago to establish El Mesón, a new coffee farm. They planted twenty thousand Pink Bourbon coffee trees, a (very rare) hybrid coffee varietal, that is known for its high yields, lower fertilisation needs and its resistance to leaf rust.

We’re excited to fill your mugs with El Mesón again, with this being our second time offering this stellar coffee. Suitable for your espresso machine, stovetop or plunger, El Mesón boasts bright cherry flavours and smooth chocolate notes. Expect a creamy body, citric acidity and sweet caramel finish.

Download your print-ready Colombia El Meson card here.

Producer:Luz & Elpidio Divia Fierro
Altitude:1600 masl

Tasting Notes

Dried Berries

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