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Brazil Rosângela Alves

Milk Chocolate & Citrus | Sugary & Smooth

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Chemex, Cone Filter, AeroPress, Gold Filter, Filter Machine

About this Coffee

We’re excited to welcome, Rosângela Alves, as our next Special Release. Even better, this particular lot placed as a finalist in the Forca Café championship, held annually in Brazil. This competition celebrates the best coffees from Minas Gerais’ smallholder producers, paired with an online auction where buyers compete for the lots.

Rosângela Alves lives in Santa Margarida, an inland city located in the southwest region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Born into a coffee-producing family, Rosângela’s coffees are known for their complexity and wide variety of flavours. Displaying distinctive flavours of milk chocolate and citrus, Rosângela Alves is luxuriously sweet and silky smooth, which suits us just fine coming into winter.

Download your print–ready Brazil Rosângela Alves tasting card here.

Producer:Rosângela Moura Alves
Region:Santa Margarida
Varietal:Red Catuaí
Altitude:1430 masl 

Tasting Notes

Orange & Lemon
Milk Chocolate

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