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A near perfect marriage of form and function, the Chemex is a celebrated brewing device which employs a specially formulated, dense filter paper, resulting in a clean, sweet, articulate cup. Available in a Classic series and premium Handblown range. Discover the Chemex range.

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A coffee drink made by forcing hot water at pressure through finely ground coffee. The basic building block for drinks such as Flat Whites and Long Blacks etc. Discover our Espresso equipment.


Filter Machine

A powered filter device which automates a brewing process where near boiling water drips over ground coffee that collects in a coffee server below.



A brewing device, also known as a Vac-pot or vacuum brewer, which usually comprises 2 parts joined by a detachable seal and some form of filter between them. An amalgamation of immersion and filter brewing methods. Discover our Syphon devices.

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This is a ubiquitous brewing device, also known as a “French Press”, which usually comprises a glass beaker. Hot water and ground coffee are added and then a permanent mesh filter is forced or “plunged” down through the coffee SLURRY so that the grinds are left in the bottom of the beaker and a clearer liquid can be poured off the top. Discover our Plunger range.



Invented in Italy around 1933, a Stovetop comprises of several components that brews by forcing hot water from a lower chamber through ground coffee to an upper chamber. Similar to espresso.


Cone Filter

A ceramic brewing device commonly which is placed over a serving jug. Water is poured directly over a paper filter partially filled with ground coffee which is fitted to the cone. Discover our Cone Filter devices.

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Gold Filter

A single serve coffee brewer which incorporates a gold-coated filter membrane. The filter is place directly on a coffee mug and partially filled with ground coffee. Hot water is then poured over the top resulting in freshly brewed coffee dripping into the cup below. Discover our Gold Filter device.

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Whole beans

We always recommend buying whole beans to preserve freshness and taste. Grinding your coffee fresh for each serve is the best way to enjoy coffee. An investment in a grinder won't be regretted. 

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Invented in 2005 by Aerobie president Alan AdlerCoffee is steeped inside the cylinder for between 10-50 seconds (depending on grind and preferred strength) and then forced through a filter, and into your mug, by pressing the plunger through the tube. 

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